Bäx Visual is an alias for Motion Designer and 3D-artist Pasi Käräjäoja.
Pasi started to produce music in the age of 14. That was the important stage when he started to adapt creative workflows. He started to make videos for promoting purposes of his own artist project and soon was making videos for other artists too. Soon 3D-worlds became the main focus. Demand is going up fast and variety of clients from different fields are coming in.
Bäx Visual has been trusted in projects for end clients such as:
Novartis Nordics, Volkswagen Group, Sony Music Finland, Victor Victor Worldwide, Yoldia Scandinavia, Marimekko, FC Lahti, Warner Music Finland, Universal Music Finland, City of Helsinki, Lab University of Applied Sciences, Remax, Stalatube, Headland festival, Kids Never Grow Old and many more.
And has been working with artists such as:
Nigo, Teriyaki Boyz, Käärijä, Lucidious, Aste, Adi L Hasla, Tuure Boelius, Are, Paleface, Sairas T, Juno, DJ Massimo, Neea River, Aku, Kube, Nikke Ankara, Mouhous, william, Brädi, Villa, Joe L and many more.

Visit Instagram (@baxvisual) for latest work.
For commissions you can contact in Finnish or in English: baxvisual@gmail.com
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